All about me!


My name is Amy, I am 25 years old based in Delhi. Interior Designer and Architectural Technologist by Profession but Fashion, Beauty and lifestyle Blogger by passion.

The initial idea behind this blog is to put everything i love under one roof through different images to help others gain through my experience & knowledge in the area of my interests. Also being a Blogger i never promote something i wouldn’t approve or wouldn’t like myself. Moreover, I had to turn down few brands because personally i did not like their products.

So Join me in my world of Fashion, Beauty and lifestyle

P.S All my Beauty reviews are first hand and genuine.

I hope you enjoy this blog as much as i loved creating it?

  1. I am a student of Fashion Desinging but I love Interior Designing as well. Scotland is such a beautiful place <3 I used to live in Manchester. 🙂 Would love to see more from you. 🙂

    1. Wow great to know that:) I have always been fascinated to do Fashion designing but eventually landed up doing Interiors. You know It’s always good to interact with people who have similar interests like ours ❤️ Yes Scotland is amazing ( I still get nostalgic)

      1. Yes. I love interacting with people who are more into creative stuff. I guess the vibes are just same and connectable. I am really excited to read your blog now. And I too wanted to do interior designing but I love fashion designing. I would do both if I could 😀 haha

        1. I think designers always have something in common don’t you think so? It’s the creativity that makes them feel connected to other designers( or maybe they also understand that as designers we work really hard innit? ) I somehow feel that we both are sailing in the same boat!! It’s also very interesting how you put your thoughts out so precisely in your blogs in such an interesting manner that m also glued to read them hehe!! But it feels so good to connect with you here:)

          1. Absolutely. And yes talking to another designer is more comfortable because they both know how hard it is to come up with a new idea every passing second. We are actually sailing in the same doubt ? I am happy I found your blog. I didn’t have a blogger friend who shared same interests. I am too excited to read your posts or see pictures. ❤

  2. It’s funny how since I started blogging,and it’s only been two weeks I’ve found so many interesting articles and people with the same interests. I completed an interior design course many years ago as I love textiles, unusual fabrics and line. People knock IKEA but the designers are brilliant. The Swedish are brilliant at design. I really like your photograph,says a great deal about your personality…..sunny and bright

    1. Wow it’s great hearing from you that you were into some point.. Few years ago I was in Stockholm n I visited the IKEA( Sweden being the origin country) n saw so many passionate people who are working there as designers I got even more motivated!! Scandinavia itself has produced some amazing designers? Thanks for the compliment??
      This picture is taken outside in Lawn Area in the vicinity of my house✌️!! Keep inspiring us with your blog!! Look forward to reading more from you?

  3. Hey!! Amrita..thanks for stopping by my page though its just writing stuff here.Nice blog & wish you lucks eloped with success in your ventures ahead although writing & interior both needs creativity thats common between us apart from Delhi :)??

          1. Haha i got a very warm welcome from the Scottish people right from the moment i started living there..i think they are the most friendly people out of the countries that i have travelled so far… Thats why i get nostalgic about my lovely time spent in Scotland?!! Where all have u been in Scotland?

          2. Excuse me for saying this, but it really helps to be good looking. 🙂
            I’ve been to Aberdeen, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Isle of Mull, Isle of Iona and the Hilton in … can’t remember the place, but it was near to Balmoral Castle – where the Queen Mother used to stay. That’s this year. In Scotland alone. 🙂

  4. Pleasure to meet you Amy,
    I appreciate you stopping by my blog page and giving them a like or two 😀 I am eager to start reading more about you and your passion!


  5. I have just found you blog and I must say, you are absolutely gorgeous!! I am happy to know you, my friend, and I look forward to reading more of your posts. Thank you for following me also. I am very grateful dear amychhabra♥

    1. Aww?? ain’t you just the sweetest one to say that!! Good to know you too dear!!Thank you so much and Keep inspiring us with your beautiful blog!!
      Much love xx

      1. This is what I love about WP. The opportunity to meet talented people like yourself and become friends. I consider it the greatest gift. I am so happy that you found my blog and now I know you too. Life is good! With sincere affection, Cara Rosewyn♥

  6. Hi Amy. It’s lovely to meet you. I’ll be interested to see which beauty products you promote, and review. Your lovely photo is certainly a good advert for those products. How interesting that you went to uni in Scotland. It’s a very beautiful country – but so is India, which is somewhere I’d like to visit one day. I look forward to reading your posts!

    1. Aww its great to e-meet you too. Yes Scotland is lovely? n i would love to be your host here in India ?? you are more than welcome to visit India!! Thank you so much for the lovely note:) my favourite Sephora n Mac products be coming soon!! Stay tuned ? n keep inspiring us with your blog!!
      Much love

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