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Himalaya : Wipes on the Go

Hey Guys

Since everybody who’s been Reading my blogs knows i am a sucker for Natural Products. One of my favourite go to product for this spring season is their super Savior#wipesonthegofrom one of my all time favourite Indian brand Himalaya .Since I am always on the go, and my skin needs quick refreshment, this has always come to my rescue . If you would like to rejuvenate your skin or remove makeup, this baby always helps you make your life super easyHimalaya Facial Wipesin two very refreshing variants: Neem and Aloe Vera.

If its too many drinks at happy hour or 10 hours at the office, or the fact that you’re justexhausted just after a tiring long day completing your day to day tasks, and sometimes on the go you need quickfix to make your skin Refreshed and Supple. Also taking off your makeup before your face hits that bed, while for some people its their Daytime Saviour that helps the face to get back to its Supple state is very important. But just as you’re about to head out for a Long day or take your best sleep , there’s a voice in your headfor some it’s a dermatologist, for others its their skin issues etc.

It’s at that very moment that you reach for your trusty shortcut, AKA the wipes on the go that never leaves your day/ nightstand. There’s no fussing with different chunky bottles, no continous water splashes to threaten your pretty blowout, and above all, they get the job donereallyquickwithout any hastle.

Being a blogger we are often shooting and have as many as 3-4 makeup looks to create at the venue where we have no access to any of the oh so convenient makeup remover bottles there comes the Wipes on the go making my life so much easier to remove the makeup and recreate another look within minutes and even keeping the skin to its Beautiful state.

Makeup wipes are the beauty equivalent of Seamless makeup remover and cleanses the face reallyeasy, quick, and lazy-proof !!! 🙂

Hope you like this Review for The Himalaya Makeup Wipes!

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