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Busting Shaving Myths with Gillette!

Women since years have wished for smooth, hairless skin. Over the years, new methods, techniques and dramatic product improvements have been progressively changing the history of hair removal and its Industry.In the year 1880, when King Camp Gillette created its first modern day Gillette razor for men a revolution was born. Though it took another three or four decades before a particular razor specifically marketed for women was launched in the industry, but ever since then shaving has been a very fashionable mode for quick hair removal among women.

Gillette recently launched the new Venus breeze in an event in Delhi at Taj Palace (New Delhi), which is especially designed to enhance the overall smooth hair removal experience for women, keeping in mind the beauty needs of every woman. Its two in one razor equipped with water activated moisture gel bars and formulated with body butters with glyecrine to provide one stroke smoothness while retaining the skin moisture, where u don’t need extra lather. (Picture Below)


Actress Kalki Koechlin was present at the event along with celebrity dermatologist, Rashmi Shetty & Celebrity Makeup Artist, Namrata Soni and together the three debunked the myths associated with girl shaving.
Actress Kalki Koechlin who was endorsing Gillette said, Venus Breeze has revolutionized the hair removal experience with in-build moisture gel bars enriched with body butters. Women can now look forward to a sensorial hair removal process versus painful waxing and harmful creams.
It doesnt happen everyday that you get a chance to endorse a brand that you have been using and identify with in your everyday life. Being in the profession that keeps me on my toes, I always carry my Venus Breeze razor wherever I go. It is an important addition to my beauty kit even when i am travelling.
Celebrity dermatologist Dr Rashmi Shetty said, Being a dermatologist,I can assure you that shaving is the most hygienic,skin friendly method of hair removal. It is extremely safe over other methods that have harsh chemicals and can permanently damage ones skin.
They busted some myths of these rolling stone gathering a bit of moss myths and uncover the truth behind this fuzz-busting technique called Girl Shaving !!
MYTH 1: Shaving Body Hair makes them grow back Darker and Thicker!
Answer: It does not make your hair grow thicker and darker, it completely depends on the genetics of the person
MYTH 2: Shaving causes hair to grow faster!
Answer: It does not make your hair grow thicker
MYTH 3: Shaving Causes irritation and burns!
Answer: It does not cause such things when wet shaving and properly lathered.
MYTH 4 : Shaving Causes pigmentation or Dark Skin!
Answer: It does not cause dark skin or pigmentation.
In my opinion shaving still holds its niche among those who want a quick and safe way to get smooth hair free skin on the go, especially among girls on a budget and those timorous of pain (say ouchif youve tried waxing!!) Specially with this Gillette venuswith in-build moisture gel bars enriched with body butters that naturally lathers the skin and feels soapy and also perfect for travelling.

All These products are available at supermarkets near your place

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