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Glam Treasure box (Made in India Addition- August- Review)


A Detailed Review of my beautiful Glam Treasure Box

Hello Lovelies

How are you all doing today ?? Today for the very first time m reviewing a box that has a mixture of clothing, earrings, clutch, hygiene products as well as skincare( Thinking so much in a box- yes you are right ). Its a beautiful big box thats called Glam treasure box which is true to its name ‘Glam Treasure’. This glam treasure box totally glams up your look, this months box is a special ‘Made in India Edition’ and i absolutely loved the way how they have curated it with so much gumption out there put in a small box full of surprises. Yes i didn’t know the products that i would be getting except for the fact that i knew that this box is ‘made in India Edition.I Don’t how did they get to know that i didn’t have Such beautiful Indian stuff before. I am more then excited to tell you what i recieved in my Glam Treasure box.

My Glam Treasure Box Consists:

Pallazo pants : Yes you heard it right Palazzo pants in a box. As we all know that Pallazo pants are in this season, they are super comfortable and i love the Indian block print on that. Sometimes i love colour blocking and these comfortable pair of pants just does the Job for me. Would you like to see how i looked in these lovely Palazzo pants????-I would love to show you all, i will be posting a picture right before i finish this blogpost.

Clutch: This clutch goes so beautifully with these Pallazo pants it seems as if they were specially created this look and then curated this Glam Treasure box for us to love it more n more. The quality of the clutch is amazing- yes girls m not kidding. I can carry this clutch with any casual Indian Attire.

Printed Little Pouch: Are you wondering what this cute little pouch does?? You have no idea how useful this is. At times you have change and you wonder where will i keep all these coins- there you go-This cute little pouch has a zip on one side to keep your coins, small earrings or earphones(It looks small but in can actually accommodate all your coins that u have, it will keep it absolutely protected in this oh so cute Pouch)

Handmade soap: This soap is a big size soap and absolutely chemical free and removes all the dirt from your body, i could feel the change after a single wash my skin felt so smooth. Since its chemical free so you don’t have to think twice before using it. I also love the natural fragrance it has on your body after you take a shower with this soap.

The golden-Red Jhumkis: This one is my personal favourite in the whole box. I just love the colour and the look moreover the quality is amazing (Are u wondering like me-they are accommodating all this stuff without compromising the quality-Yes they didn’t compromise on the quality to provide us with only the best). I can literally wear this with any casual Indian attire i like. Are u excited to see how m carrying these beautiful jhumkis, i will be posting a picture right before i finish this blogpost.

Lip Balm-Peach flavour by Soulveda: This is exactly what you need when this season dries up ur lips. This lip balm keeps ur lips completely moisturised and helps it stay soft in this weather. Peach fragrance is quite mild in the lip balm so i quite like it, when its on the lips.

This box is priced at 1449 INR for products worth over 3500 INR

Here’s a picture to show my Palazzo pants and the beautiful Jhumkis:



Did you guys like the Review for these lovely products. I would love to hear from you

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