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Globox October!!


My Detailed Review for this oh-so-cute Globox

Hello Lovelies I am sorry for not having post too often but today its all about this Globox. I am completely in love with the concept of these monthly subscription boxes. Did you know Globox is actually a mystery box, while it keeps you guessing till the time this reaches you. Isnt that exciting? This is India’s first personalised beauty Subscription box from globoxindia curated by beauty experts for us according to our special requirements. Each Globox is specially curated for each individual because the beauty products are handpicked by their beauty Experts. Before i could order this Globox i was asked to fill a beauty profile where i was asked questions related to my skin for instance my skin type and problematic areas. Can you girls guess what was the last question i had?? Did we miss something (just to make sure that the box has everything i need to pamper myself-Isnt that cute?)


My Globox consists:

Freedom Eyeshadow in the shade Nude. This shade is so charming and subtle while certainly a rave in my cosmetic collection. I love its travel friendly packaging. The colour is highly pigmented.Its also affordable so it doesn’t burry a hole in your pocket.


MUA Lip liner in deep brown shade. The shade is super smooth and glides easily on the eyes for that perfect winged liner.It also has a sharpner in front to sharpen it easily when the tip gets blunt.


Rustic Art Hair Conditioner: Its a very unique clear hair conditioner that smoothes the dry split ends and reduces the roughness of your hair.


Skin Yoga: Body wash, Its natural and chemical free body wash washes out all excess dirt from the skin.


Tea Treasure:Sweet Dreams tea, Its purely natural and caffeine free tea (so you dont spend spleepless nights walking up!!)


Last but not the least two handwritten notes by the beauty expert and the owner(Needless to mention i love receiving handmade notes not only because they make you feel special, it also makes you realise that special attention has been put to your Globox to pamper you more and more) Price of this complete box is INR 799 only ( with goods worth INR 1500+) Did you guys like the Review for my Globox. I would love to hear from you


You can grab your own Globox by going to this direct link:

You can also participate in the contest ‘Design the brownbox’ to enter the contest click on the link for further details:

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