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Just herbs India products-My Review


My Detailed Review for these Lovely products(6 step skincare for oily/combination skin and Elixir Serum) from Just herbs India?

Hello Lovelies

If you have been regular on my blog then you would have already known until now that i am absolutely in love with natural products as they are made with natural ingredients and do not harm/irritate people with sensitive skin. These products are beyond amazing specially because i have oily/combination skin so it works very well for me.

6 STEP Skincare for Oily/Combination Skin?

Do you see the pretty packaging in this ultra cute floral box? I love the packaging!! Its so easy to carry it anywhere i go. This 6 step skincare box is holygrail for people who have oily/combination skin. You know what’s different with this brand? They have special consultants who would specifically curate products for you by understanding your skin type in detail/ problematic areas and suggest the appropriate products for the same.

6 Step Skincare consists:

Step 1: Rehydrant Face Wash ,Neem bitter orange (To be used Daily)

Step 2: Face Cleansing Gel, Honey Exfoliating (To be used twice a week)

Step 3: Instant Glow Beauty Gel, Madder root &Holy basil ( To be used Daily)

Step 4: Protein Fairness Pack, Mulethi-milk and honey ( To be used twice a week)

Step 5: Sun Protection Gel, Jojoba-wheatgerm ( To be used Daily)

Step 6: Skin Lightening Gel, Mulethi-khus ( To be used every night)

Elixir Facial Serum(Gotukola Indian Ginseng) for all Skin types?

This amazing product is a beauty serum and it does what it claims. It absorbs and blends on your skin like heaven. It helps to tighten the skin, visivibly reduce the spots and even out your skin tone.This is to be applied every night so you wake up beautiful. I quite like the idea of night serums because while you do the sleeping they work for you the whole night to keep you beautiful, rejuvenated, protected and glowing for the next morning.

Coming to their Results/Benefits:

My skin felt so smooth

My face became clear

My skin felt so youthful

My skin felt completely hydrated

I also experienced a healthy glow on my face

Holy-grail for Oily/Combination skin people

Available on

Travel friendly ( due to Sample sizes)

Would definately Repurchase

Recommended by Amy

My Ratings 5/5

Did you guys like the Review for these lovely products. I would love to hear from you

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