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La Roche Posay does is Right! Review

Skincare with La Rochay Posay!!

Hello Lovelies!!

Lately i got a lot of Questions regarding my Skincare Routine as to what all do i do to keep my skin clear and spot-free. I would first like to tell you all that i have an Oily to combination Skin(Oily on the T zone and Combination for the rest of the face) Keeping my skin clean and clear has been my Primary Concern. La Rosay Pochay is manufactured in France and has always been my First choice. Are you Wondering, why do i recommend it? Because La Rochay Posay maintains a strict product quality since it has no parabens and is also recommended by dermatologists worldwide(Unlike most Skincare products you dont have to think twice before using these)

After regular C-T-M (Cleansing Toning and moisturising i apply Effaclar Duo which works brilliant on the skin by its soothing and anti-oxidant properties since it consists of a unique thermal water that carefully hydrates the skin from within and targets oily skin perfectly resulting in clearing up the marks by gradual usage, unclogging the tiny pores on our face. It is to be applied twice a day, once in the morning and once in the evening. It’s highly recommended for people that have oily skin and have imperfections on their face.


Have you ever thought even after caring for your skin for long why do some of us are simply get tanned while the others are not? The most essential part of our Skincare is using the Right Sunscreen with a minimum of SPF 40 that protects you from UVA+UVB as recommended by dermatologists in order to completely protect yourself from the Sun. Since i have an Oily to combination skin i have always been on hunt for a good Sunscreen due thanks to La Rosay Pochay for coming up with a gel based Sunscreen.

La Rochay Posay Anthelios XL is one such Fabulous Sunscreen not only is it SPF 50 it also protects us from UVA and AVB Rays, thereby providing 100% protection from the Sun Damage since its non perfumed, paraben free, non comedogenic, it contains unique spring thermal water and is highly recommended by expert Dermatologists to provide overall protection during Sun. Since its a Dry touch gel cream so it does’nt clog pores or cause any oiliness to the skin instead its holygrail for people who have an oily Skin and are scared of using Sunscreen

P.S: Even Though while wearing this Sunscreen we should still avoid staying in direct contact with the Sun and should always wear sunglasses or hat to protect ourselves.


AVAILABILITY : La Rochay-posay Products are widely available on Amazon, Nykaa and in Major Pharmaceutical Stores.

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