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Long Denim Dungaree-Iralzo!

Long Denim Dungarees Trend!!!!!

Hello guys

As we all know that 90’s fashion trends are coming back may it be dungarees or chokers. I have always been a big fan of 90’s fashion trends. Dungarees being dominant from the 90’s trend, it can be styled in multiple ways because not only they look stylish but they are also super comfortable and can easily carried off for morning to afternoon looks. They look sporty n chic, this is why they are my personal favourite out of the 90’s fashion trends. Also we see a lot of B-town and high street people wearing Dungarees this season-Gigi Hadid my Fashion Goddess has been spotted a lot sporting this Trend. As it is rightly said ” one can never go wrong with the Denims” Dont we all agree with this?

Iralzo ( has always kept in sync with the latest trends in the B town according to the season. I love how they update their collection everytime. They have a wide collection so there is everything for evryone, personally i loved the long denim dungree, its so versatile that you can absolutely pair it up with anything you like, may it be a sporty top,T shirt, crop top or an off shoulder top. Specially for this Winter season we girls always hunt for something thats more chic n stylish. What better than a long Denim dungaree thats so versatile??

Here is how to create that perfect effortless Dungaree look!!! I have paired this faded Denim dungaree with a cute off shoulder peach top and matching it up with my black n white ballerinas (Aint they cute? ) This look is not only stylish but also quite comfortable may it be travelling for long hours or going for that brunch with a friend.




My comfortable long denim dungrees are available at Iralzo . They have a wide variety from dresses to backpacks etc!! Isn’t that great?? you can check their website ( for all kinds of designs and select the one that is best suited to you.

Did you guys like the Review for this look. I would love to hear from you

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