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Look Fresh with Innisfree!

Detailed Review about my top 4 Products from Innisfree!

Innisfree is a well known, mainstream Korean beauty brandwhich brings to you the ultimate goodness from the volcanic ranges of South Korea handpicked and packaged specially for you.. It uses only reliable ingredients obtained from pure nature and the consistent perpetuation in eco-friendly green design, Innisfree promises to stay environmentally sustainable in the pursuit of delivering beauty from nature to consumers.Since korea is best known for its skincare and skincare products.Ive heard it is referred as a premium skincare brand of South Korea.They feature products from some exceptional indie Korean beauty brands. They have recently made their establishment in the Indian Market as well. And the Indian market is loving them.

This time Innisfree brought Natural Makeup to India in the form of Cushion Foundations. It has come up with two versions of the customised Cushion Foundations which claims to deliver perfect, fresh- faced beauty this summer.

  1. Long Wear Cushion Foundation

2. Water Glow Cushion foundation.

Long Wear Cushion Foundation

Today i am talking about Long wear Cushion Foundation

They come in three shades (No. 13: Light Beige, No. 21: Natural Beige & No.23: True Beige) with anAir Magic Puff/ makeup brush/ Stamp blender for a smooth and even texture.These cushion foundations are already launched in Korean Region and have been loved by the beauty gurus and now its time for Indian beauty gurus to test their hands on this amazing product in the Indian market.

The Innisfree Long Wear Cushion (SPF50+/PA+++) acts as a full summer-proof makeup base that keeps your skin refreshed and breathable for upto 11 hours with high resistance against any form of sweat, pollution and sebum. I am absolutely in love with its long wear formula, the different innovative cushion ensures that make-up will stay for a very long time, without smudging and skin will stay flawless, even in tropical climates like India. It promises bright looking fresh skin with high coverage & Sebum Control Powder that keeps oily skin at bay, while brightening up the skin at the same time through humid and polluted days to deliver a glowing complexion with a smooth and even texture of the skin.

This easy-to-use make-up base will reduce puffiness, improve uneven skin tone & deliver even, healthy, radiant skin in one just Hasle free step. They help protect your skin by warding off harmful UV rays and direct sunlight. Yes!!! you can skip your sunscreen with this wonderful cushion foundation. what better then that? you know its always a pain to first apply a sunscreen and then apply a foundation over it before you step out in the sun. With their careful unique formulata that provides full coverage while remaining light on the skin, so less touch- ups would be required to keep your complexion looking soft, smooth, fresh and bright looking all day long along with letting the skin breathe. say a big goodbye to sebum smudged make-up and pore blocking smears with the new Innisfrees Long Wear Cushion & Innisfree Water Glow Cushion.

You know what the best part is? You can actually select the cushion according to your skin type, skin shade and Choice of the Cushion Cover!!! Yes! you are right. Basically you can get your cushion customised all by yourself.

My rating 4.5/5

Priced at: INR 1700

Available at : All Innisfree stores near you or on Nykaa

Innisfree Super volcanic pore clay mask:

Packaging: The clay mask comes packaged in a tub which is quite convenient if you use a brush along with it because i normally use a brush to apply face masks not only are they hygienic but they are also quite convenient to take out product from the tub to avoid any difficulty in scooping out the product because the tub is a bit small. The tub looks quite handy and cute though and I like the colour combo of the dark brown and bronze.Brand new clay mask will also have a plastic lid on top of the product which i find very hygienic. Being a skincare and makeup brand they are extremely hygienic with their product packaging. I must also mention that this clay mask is a completeTravel Friendly tub.

Benefits:Aside from Jeju Volcanic Clay, Innisfree’s Super Volcanic Pore Clay mask also includes scoria (a type of volcanic rock) and green complex (green tea extract that also helps with acne).

My take: It absorbs into the skin and becomes like a seconds skin in a couple of minutes. It feels tight initially (as this is how clay masks ideally should feel) , but very comfortable and tolerant tight. I could still talk, eat and move, walk around around easily. The product comes off easily enough, especially when rinsed with warm water. This product does a very good job for removing excess sebum from the skin! After washing it off, my skin felt smooth, clean and tight. It definitely helped control my skin sebum and my pores as well. As normally the pores get blocked with dirt and pollution in the surrounding, to get rid of all these issues as it Prevents ageing, Exfoliates skin, its also a Natural cleanser, Helps in preventing acne (because it helps get rid of sebum),Helps to clean and contract enlarge pores, its also Rich in minerals and antioxidants. All in all a very good clasy mask. Does an excellent Job. This is also one of the best selling products at Innnisfree

My rating 5/5

Priced at: INR 1100

Available at : All Innisfree stores near you or on Nykaa

Innisfree Skin Clinic Sheet masks: The sheet mask is a total travel partner, there is asmall cut at the top of the pack, so it easy to tear it off.The sheet is made up of very high quality cotton, very smooth and satiny on skin and quite easy disposable. The moment you will pull the mask you will understand how cool and hydrated is it. It is soaked in a perfect amount of serum. As soon as you keep the mask on your skin you will experience how it calms and relaxes the nerves on your face and the facial organs from deep down. I suggest you to set an alarm for 20 minutes because you will hardly get to know. Trust me girls this mask bring life out of your skin. Your skin will literally drink and absorb this mask. This is so hydrating and refreshing that it will suck all the tiredness out of you and bring out rejuvenated and fresh skin from within. Its like oxygen to your skin. There are various flavours in this mask like Green tea, Lime, Tea Tree, Aloe, Strawberry, Hyaluronic acid, madecassoside, BHA etc.

My rating 5/5

Priced at: INR 100-150

Available at : All Innisfree stores near you or on Nykaa

Innisfree Real fit me Lipstick:This lip colour gives classy hue to your lips. the glossy texture highlights your lips perfectly, but at the same time it does not let the lips to get dry. Once applied, it stays around good 5-6 hours without getting faded. No.5 is a classy and beautiful colour looks rich with all skin tones. I personally love the durability of the product. I use it quite frequently, as I love red shades for my lips. Even after frequent uses, it provides long lasting moisture on the lips and keep the lips extremely hydrated. This shade will suit all skin tones. The formula is extremely pigmented and hydrating. (Below is a lip swatch of shade No.5)

My rating 4.5/5

Priced at: INR 900

Available at : All Innisfree stores near you or on Nykaa

Let me know how did you like the Review for these products. I would love to hear from you.

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