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My Experience at Fatlulu’s at Cross Point Mall in Gurgaon.





A Detailed Review of my wonderful experience at Fat lulu’s in Gurgaon (Cross Point mall)

Hello Lovelies

How are you all doing? Though i have not been that regular in posting but today m talking all about my Experience at Fat lulu’sas there are a lot of things that i would like to share regarding the same.

We had a table booked for two on Friday Night. As soon as we entered the place we got an extremely warm welcome from the staff, they got us seated immediately.

The ambience of the place was amazing those rustic brick walls, exposed ceiling with suspended lighting the caged bar and a big screen on the wall next to the bar to get that ultimate experience of football and cricket. Yes!!!!! You don’t have to miss your match to be there?? Isn’t it Amazing!!!!!!!

We started ordering the food:

Since it wasn’t that busy that night, the chef himself came to suggest the dishes(What???- yes you heard me right) since we were confused with such amazing options we saw on the Menu

For starters we ordered Caesar Salad (This being my favourite) Caesar Salad was loaded with parmesan cheese along with lettuce and caesar dressing it was so delicious that i thought i should repeat it but then i had chicken Tacos on my Table too

Chicken Tacos had wholesome Vegetables along with chicken toped up with mayonnaise.This was just Fabulous !!!

Next on my Table was Chicken fry (The most fresh chicken i have had until now) that perfect blend of herbs and flavour made it just perfect.

Now for the main course:

We ordered wood fired thin crust Whole wheat pizza with pepperoni bacon and chicken for topping, this was crispy, delicious and comparatively healthier option compared to its counterparts. You know it took me years to come to a healthier option of Pizza as all of you would be knowing it that there aren’t many options in the market when you talk about whole wheat Pizza but thanks to Fat lulu’sto come with this healthier Option for us.

Next we ordered Stuffed Whole wheat Pasta(For all you Health Freaks-yes )!!!Awesome is the word for this.. I have never had this kind of Pasta before!!Topped up with bacon in Pink Sauce it so delicious that words would fall short if i start explaining it.

For the Dessert:

we ordered for Caramel waffles these were crispy and tasty perfect after that Italian Dinner. Next we ordered for brownie with Ice-cream and choco almond, this was just Heaven guys!!! A perfect Ending to a perfect Dinner!!

I highly recommend it to people who are staying in Delhi/Gurgaon NCR or people who are visiting the same should definitely visit this place for some amazing Italian Food. You can also get it delivered to your place at your own convenience.Available at or at Zomato App

Did you guys like the Review for this look. I would love to hear from you

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