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A Detailed Review for my top 5 favourite mac Products

Hello Lovelies

This has been a much awaited post. I am a makeup junkie and a proud mac freak. I love mac cosmetics and all its products not only because of its quality but also cause of its variety.I can rave about it anywhere i socialise hehe. Mac cosmetics have one of the bestseller products in the market, just like everyone I have my favourites too and i would love to share it with you guys.This post has details of why i chose these products over other products and its availability. Given below are names and reviews of my topmost 5 mac products:

STROBE CREAM: My favourite yes!!! This certainly tops my list i simply love strobing because this makes my skin look like a diamond( Not like a shiny disco ball) It gives you sheen and subtle glow to your face. I use it by mixing it in my foundation in the ratio 1:1 by mixing equal parts of both the my foundation and strobe cream. Its holy grail for people who have clear skin (Spotless skin in terms of pimple as this may not suit people who have a lot of pimples/pores as the purpose of strobe cream is to highlight which means it may also highlight your problematic areas and imperfections) I love it because i have clear skin(Touchwood) and because i love strobing. Wouldn’t you love if your skin glows?? I would rate this product a 4.5/5

STUDIO MAC FIX: This is my second best mac product. Its a compressed powder that is applied after foundation though i know some people who don’t apply foundation and instead apply only studio mac fix( because may they are blessed with ultra clean skin) but i usually apply it after foundation to make my base intact and to absorb any excessive oil that might collect around the t-zone. Sometimes i have to wear my makeup for long working hours and trust me this does the job for me only a touch up and am good to go for the next few hours and wallah my makeup looks fresh again.I am in the shade NC35 according to my skin tone. Highly recommend for people who have oily to combination skin it would also suit dry skin people but provided they apply a moisturiser before applying makeup.I would rate this product 5/5

MAC BRONZING POWDER: Yes its a bronzer and i love contouring undoubtedly. Contouring makes your features way more sharper and gives your face a three dimensional look. I use it by pouting and applying it on the area above my jawline and on the upper part of my forehead taking light strokes as when has to be very precise while using bronzers because taking light strokes and blending is the key to perfect makeup. I love blending as blending makes the look more natural. I would rate this product a 4/5

MAC BLUSH IN MELBA : I love blushes just like every girl does and this is among my favourite out of the collection that i have.This blush gives you a pinkish flush on the apples of your cheek which is very subtle and beautiful. You know what’s the best part of this blush? I can wear this blush in my office in the day time or in a party in the eavning you know why? because it has a matt texture and suits almost all skin times(I would recommend this blush for medium to fair skin tone people) !! what can be better than this?? I would rate this product a 5/5

MAC SKINFINISH HIGHLIGHTER IN THE SHADE SOFT & GENTLE: Yes because i love strobing i absolutely love this highlighter. This truly goes on its name soft and gentle. I wish i could share my before and after picture with you when i apply this magic product. Right after applying this highlighter you feel like staring at yourself in the mirror and trust me you will love yourself. Usually i would recommend this highlighter to be applied in the eavning/night time because this highlights your face so beautifully that i would clearly show up in your camera. I would recommend this product a 5/5

All these products are available at the mac cosmetics store near your location or at

These are my favourite 5 mac products. Let me know your favourite mac products in the comment section below.

Did you guys like the Review for these lovely products. I would love to hear from you

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