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My top 4 picks from Provoc Makeup!

Detailed Review about my Top 4 picks from Provoc!!

Hello Lovelies!

Today i am talking all about Provoc Products!! Yes they have made their arrival in India! isnt that a good news? Popularly known in the UK! Provoc is now set to establish its benchmark in India. There is a little secret that i would be sharing with you all today! My greatest makeup fear was always to apply false eyelashes. And trust me this is the first time in my life that i have applied false eyelashes: because i am more of a mascara person but this first false eyelash application experience has changed my mind i absolutely love their False eyelashes since its made up of 100% human hair and does not feel heavy on my eyes. They are super comfortable if you wear them with the right Glue. I personally use hudabeauty/Duo Glue preferably transparent/black glue for perfect and impeccable application. They can be reused as well upto 10 times if you wear them correctly. The best way to apply it is from the outside to the inside using a tweezer. Infact right after i wore it seemed as if i had nothing on my eyes it just felt similar to having a voluminous mascara!! It lasted for goof 5-6 hours without chippping out. Regardless to mention i got so many compliments that day. (Refer to the picture below)

I have also used cream CCC2 palette ( Conceal contour Correct palette) on my face. To conceal the under-eyes i used orangish colour (second row rightmost) and then yellowish colour(first row leftmost) on top of it to cover the under-eyes properly. Since these were the only areas that needed my extra attention; Provoc CCC2 palette did an excellent job to take care of the problematic areas and to give a sculpted look /3 dimensional look to the face.(Refer to the picture below)

For lining my eyes i used Provoc eyeliner Number 90 on my eyes to achieve that perfect winged liner not only is it dark black in a single stroke it does not smudge at all. No matter you are wearing on a long day or long nightout. It stays as it is without even fading or smudging. (Refer to the picture below)

For lining my lips i used Provoc lipliner Number 49 on my lips and this formula is extremely pigmented in a single swipe!! Not only do i love their products but i also highly recommend the same to you girls!!(Refer to the picture below)


My Rating 4.5/5

These are available in at or you can directly go to this link


Stripe eyelashes: INR 500

CCC2 Palette: INR 1500

Gel eyeliner: INR 600

Gel Lipliner: INR 600

Let me know how did you like the Review of these products. I would love to hear from you.

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love xoxo

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