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My Top Sigma Picks!

A detailed Review about my favourite products from Sigma!!

As we all know its one of the most loved brand when it comes to makeup brushes! No one does it better then them. I have always been a huge fan of makeup brushes and when makeup brushes come to mind the first Name that strikes my mind is Sigma. Sigma is an American online company that started in 2009. Their main products are makeup brushes, but they have now expanded to the other makeup products, such as shadows, liners and glosses etc. Sigma makeup brushes have extremely soft bristles and the quality is sturdy and are best in the market available.Sigma Beauty has interpreted the ‘Baking and Strobing’ trend with functionality in mind. They have carefully engineered the perfect tools to master these trendy techniques effortlessly. All brushes were exclusively designed, utilizing patented Sigmax and SigmaTech synthetic fibers. The result is as flawless as the skin-finish theyll create.



F79 Concealer Blend Brush:

This brush is one of my favorites because it works so perfectly and has completely replaced my BeautyBlender in all respects. It has a really dense amount of fine fibers that perfectly blend concealer without much effort while the imperfections are blurred leaving the complexion seamlessly smooth and satiny

F42 Strobing Fan Brush:

The Strobing Fan brush really comes in handy for adding the perfect highlight to finish off any of ur makeup look and give that perfect glow. I use this brush to lightly sweep the highlighter onto my cheekbones, nose, cupids bow, and anywhere that could use a little extra glow.

F89 Bake Kabuki:

Im absolutely in love with this kabuki brush because first of all it can be used to dab on foundation and then used to press on powder to bake the face precisely. The sharp angle of this brush perfectly contours the face to effortlessly reach every corner. The super soft brush fibers gives my face the same results that a beauty blender does- which is perfectly smooth and evenly blended foundation!

FO6 Powder Sweep Brush:

This brush is excellent for setting powder under the eyes and also sweeping any excess powder off. I like to set some powder under my eyes, leave it on for a few minutes, then lightly brush the extra off with this brush and it sure leaves my skin looking flawless and absolutely satiny smooth that lasts all day long!

P89 Bake precision

I like that this little brush has a flat top at an angle so that reaching the under eye area with concealer or powder is easier than ever. I not only use this brush for just concealer and baking, I like to use it for contouring as well. I find it super useful for carving out the nose and cheek bones because it is the perfect angle and size!

Below is the Final look using the Baking and Strobing Brush Set:

Price of the Baking & Strobing brush set :$89

My Rating: 5/5

F84 Angled Kabuki

This brush is actually made to ideally use with cream blushes and bronzers, and I can totally see how wonderfully it’ll work with both of them given that it has such a perfect angle for contouring andtheright amount of the bristle density for blending cream products. I also use it for my foundation. So i love the multi-purpose functionality is offers! Also its great for travelling if you dont wish carry a big bunch.

Price :$25

My Rating: 5/5

F82 Round Kabuki

The Sigma F82 Round Top Kabuki Brush is a synthetic fibre brush. That means it is most suited to use with your liquid and cream products because the synthetic hair themselves do not absorb any excess amount. As its name suggests, the hair are cut in a slightly rounded top. This slight roundness fits perfectly with the contours of your face and helps move the brush quite smoothly in circular motion. The hair in this brush are very densely packed and this allows it to pick up a good amount of product at a time. Also the hair are very soft and not at all scratchy. Because of all this, this brush helps to get my foundation done evenly and very quickly! Since this is a kabuki brush, the best way to use it with your foundation would be in a buffing motion.

Price :$25

My Rating: 4.5/5

Sigma Brush cup Holder:

The Sigma Brush Cup Holder is an innovative and functional container that turns into two brush holders. I havent seen anything like this before?? This why i absolutely love this holder.Sigma Brush Cup Holder can turn your home brush collection into your travel brush collection within no time, as it isdesigned to help you keep your brushes organized at home or on-the-go.Simply attach or unattach the two holders and you’re ready to conquer. Very much travel friendly!!

Price :$25

My Rating: 5/5

I am just so blown away with these brushes and HIGHLY recommend them for anyone may it be a beginner or professional or who is into baking and strobing techniques. Even if baking and strobing isnt really your thing, I still recommend these wonderful brushes because they are perfect for those who want to learn and try out those techniques. I promise you will be obsessed with baking and strobing after giving these brushes a try for yourself!

All These products are available at

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