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NewU Haul!

A detailed Review of some newly Launched Products by NewU

Review of NewU Products and Top 8 products to pick up just when you hit the NewU store:

Spice Island Day Cream Tamarind seed extract.

I quite like the idea of day creams because while you do the daily activities they work for you the whole day to keep you beautiful, rejuvenated, protected and glowing for the next day. Not only does it protect your skin but it also clarifies your skin. With regular use it makes your skin fresh, soft and beautiful. This cream works brilliant on the skin by its soothing and anti-oxidant properties that carefully hydrates the skin from within and targets combination to dry skin perfectly by hydrating it and resulting in plumped and healthy skin by gradual usage and brings out smooth and soft skin with fresh and radiant complexion. It is to be applied in the morning and evening on the whole face. It’s highly recommended for people that have normal to dry skin and have imperfections on their face.

Price: 1399 INR

My rating 5/5

Beauty Formulas cleansing Micellar water

Micellar waters are gaining popularity as alternatives to regular cleansers and makeup removers, and beauty formula jumps on the trend with its SkinActive Micellar Cleansing Water, Regular. As it turns out, it’s a worthy option that delivers on all its claims, meaning it easily earns our highest rating. Micellar Cleansing Water, Regular, comes in a plastic bottle and its fluid, watery formula is easy to dispense onto a cotton pad, just like any makeup remover. Beauty Formulas employ”micellar technology” in this formula. Micellar technology is a way to formulate a cleanser that involves how surfactants (which this and many other cleansers contain) combine with water and interact with oils, like the “oil” our skin produces, to cleanse them away,the product itself is quite good for all of types sof skin and the formula is fragrance-free!

According to its claims, no harsh rubbing is needed to cleanse the face; gentle circular motions with your cotton pad are enough to distribute this across the face. The water-light liquid removes oil, dirt, and most makeup (though not very waterproof varieties) effectively with no residue left behind, without leaving skin feeling dry or tight.

NOTE: I recommend washing it off with a gentle water soluble cleanser and following up with your other skincare productsbecause this containsthe cleansing agent disodium cocoamphodiacetate. Therefore, leaving it on the skin is NOT a good idea.

Price: 295 INR

My rating 3/5

Bblunt Anti Frizz Leave in Cream:

if you have dry frizzy hair you would love this leave-in cream. It makes hair soft and smooth without weighing them down. I have experimented with this leave-in cream with and after applying conditioner. Though it worked in this test but I felt that when I applied it after conditioning I got good results in terms of hair smoothening . It also claims to protect hair from heat-styling damage.

Price: 450 INR

My rating 4/5

Beauty Formula Hand Cream:

This hand cream is a boon for people having dry hands in winters. I love how this moisturises and makes the hands extremely soft and touchable. Specially the rose fragrance is just amazing.

Price: 199 INR

My rating 5/5

l’oreal collection exclusive by dauteen EVA pink

This lip colour gives classy hue to your lips. Matte texture highlights your lips perfectly, but at the same time it does not let the lips to get dry. Once applied, it stays around 6-8 hours without getting faded. Eva Pink is a classy and beautiful colour looks rich with all skin tones. I personally love the durability of the product. I use it quite frequently, as I love pink shades for my lips. Even after frequent uses, it is providing long lasting services.

Price: 995 INR

My rating 4.5/5

Loreal Super liner Black Laquer:

I was always had a thing for winged liner in shiny lacquer that makes your eyes look pop out and mysterious. It was a true love at first sight for me when I saw LOreal super liner in black lacquer. When you first apply the liquid it appears like a wet paint and with the speed at which it dries is super duper fast. Even before you finish it is completely dry. It is extremely long wearing yes!! you dont need mutiple touches as it doesnt smudge at all. The brush is felt tip pen and is super amazing. It is sort of thick spongy tip which gets thinner on the top and an appropriate length ensures full grip on the applicator. It is more of a felt tip pen ensuring excellent application.

Price: 795 INR

My rating 5/5

NewU latest launch Jaquiline Nail Enamels:.

The one stroke nail enamel gave me a beautiful opaque finish on my nails right after a single coat.These nail enamels are enriched with natural ingredients which promotes nail growth. It provides a lovely gel finish on the nails enriched with glossy and smooth finish that lasts for a long time.

Price: 250- 295 INR

My Rating 5/5

NewU latest launch Eyebrow Pencil:

This shade is super smooth and glides easily on the eyebrows for that perfect eyebrows every girl has been wishing for. The eyebrow pencil is to fillin the brows and is used to set them clearly. The small eyebrow pencil is so cute i literally need this at times when i am absolutely on natural makeup.

Price: 50 INR

My Rating 4/5

These are available in all NewU Stores. So next time you are visiting a NewU store get hold of these products.

Let me know how did you like the Review for this look. I would love to hear from you.

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