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Ready to Discover South Korea ?

Hi guys
I cant explain how excited i was to pen this down here. Today we will talk all about South Korea !! Yes, spectacular and chilly South Korea !! Once we all had been fascinated with popular travel Destinations specially a destination that is not just Visit worthy but also that is safe and secure for single Female Travellers. So grab a cup of coffee and be Ready to Explore South Korea with me.


Apologies for this tired face ( Getting up for an early morning flight and spending the next six hours in your flight is a result of everything you see in the picture above ) Nevertheless, here we start our journey from the Incheon Airport, after the custom clearance, we reached at the Golden Tulip Hotel in Namdaemun for an Early Check-In for a quick fresh up.

This cute teddy was installed in the hotel Lobby, i just cud’nt resist myself from not clicking a picture with it. Cute is’nt it? Loved the warm and beautiful Ambience in my Hotel. Here is a picture of the Lobby Below:

We left for our Day 1 for Insadong Street. Honestly, this was my favourite street for street food and a little bit of shopping.

Fish cake is a tradition street food to South Koreans and i cant explain how much i miss fish cake here. Most streets in Seoul has fresh fish cakes. Here is Candid picture of me enjoying my fish cake along with hot soup on the Insadong Street in South Korea.

You know the best part of traveling is getting to experience different kinds of food. I am so adaptable to travelling that i always (YES! Believe it or not) have local and traditional food of that particular state/country and this place was no exception. I opted to traditional korean Lunch and loved what they had served me. Below is a picture of the same:

Let me tell you what all does it have. On the topmost of the picture is a tradition Tofu Soup, in the middle are 6 six sides that include Khimchi salad and dry Seaweed, below that on the left is chicken salad on the right is chilli fried chicken.

Our next stop was Gyeongbok Palace and Buckchon Hanok Village with Hanbok Experience! Below is a picture of the beautiful Gyeongbok Palace wearing Hanbok. A Hanbok is a Traditional Korean Dress that can be easily rented out in the near shops.

The picture below was taken somewhere behind the Gyeongbok Palace.

Below is a picture of the TraditionalBuckchon Hanok Village

The moment i entered these streets they had a completely different vibe to it. Dont you think? the streets look just so amazing, as if they came straight out of some painting !! It is also believed that people who stayed in these houses on these streets or even those who had the traditional Korean roofs ( as shown in the picture) belonged to Upper Class. Because these houses were expensive and only the upper class could have afford to stay in such houses. Nevertheless, these streets looked spectacular and i could literally stay there forever.

Heading to our last stop being the LED Rose Garden, the view just looked Breathtaking

Day 2 started off with a beautiful note and we Headed to Lotte World Theme:The
amusement park is a top attraction for families, youth, and couples, with rides, shows, attractions, ice rink, and many more. We Couldnt have planned for a better day in the midst of cold December it also caters for kids (especially younger ones).There are good eatery stalls everywhere and Its super easy to find public transport around that place, also that its next to the aquarium and Lotte shopping centre which can help round off the whole day quite easily.

Heading out from Lotte Theme park our next stop was the COEX Mall (Starfield Library )

Saw this structure known as GANG NAM STYLE right outside the COEX Mall ( isnt this pretty ? )

Seoul itself has all sorts of things, ranging from sightseeing, clubbing to culture. Adjacent cities also offer differing experiences. Seoul all in all is a very safe city. You can walk down the streets in daytime or night and never see any trouble or dubious characters around. Lots of things to see and do. I had never felt threatened at any hour of the day or night even for a single moment. Also public transport is so well connected to market areas, Malls, sightseeing areas that there is hardly any chance that you could get lost. Hence it makes it absolutely safe for solo Women travels like me to Visit Seoul and have a fabulous experience

Wait for my next Blog to see what all did i do in Seoul till then Adios !!

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