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Science of Beauty’s new Address

The Science of Beauty has a sparkling new address

Recently i came across AAYNA that launched its new clinic at Khan Market and open doors to their new niche market.

New Delhi, 31st October 2017: AAYNA Clinic, Indias leading aesthetic wellness Clinic, launched its second state of the art center at Khan Market, the heart of our capital city. The new Clinic carries forward the legacy of AAYNA offering safe and effective procedures in the fields of Cosmetic dermatology, Anti-ageing, Weight management, Semi-permanent makeup, Hair restoration and Medical pedicures.

AAYNA is a high-end, full spectrum aesthetic wellness clinic providing a comprehensive range of treatments. In just three short years, the name has become synonymous with the best in its space and for the services it offers. AAYNA CLINIC offers the latest, most innovative and medically approved cosmetic dermatology treatments, anti-ageing procedures and other treatments in aesthetic wellness.

Some of the most popular and unique treatments available at AAYNA are Semi permanent make up, Margaret Dabbs Pedicures and Manicures and Dermal Fillers. Dermal fillers which is an Anti ageing treatment widely used but rarely done with so much precision that results look 100% natural.Dr.SimalSoin is well recognized for her work in the Anti ageing field and is one of the leading injectors in the country.

The name AAYNA means — Reflection, and it reflects the uniqueness of the clinic which strives to enhance the overall persona of its clients from inside and out. The new clinic too, promises to be everything and more that brand AAYNA has been consistently delivering to its clients over the years.

Aesthetically done, clinics interiors have been designed to reflect the grace and aura of brand AAYNA; which extends welcoming and hospitable ambience. The clinic combines the best of modern yet royal dcor for a medical luxurious and heartwarmingly relaxed atmosphere.

“Every year thousands of customers visit hundreds of clinics for beauty treatments, but only a few can truly vouch for service and satisfaction. One of the nicest compliments in recent times was from a client in New York who said- In all my life in New York,I have not found a clinic like AAYNA says Dr. Simal Soin, An internationally renowned Cosmetic Dermatologist, Anti-ageing expert and Aesthetic Wellness pioneer and Co-Founder, AAYNA Clinic.

AAYNA Clinic is now present in the two most prime locations in Delhi- Mehrauli near Qutub Minar and Khan Market. Its uniqueness lies in that its not just a cosmetic dermatology and Anti Ageing space but it has solutions from head to toe under one roof through its Hair loss clinic, Foot clinic with Medical pedicures, Semi permanent make up and Weight management. It is medical space run by Doctors in a very luxurious and comforting environment which ensures great results and care. AAYNA has a happy client base over 10,000 clients from across the world.

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