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Slow down the Process of Ageing!

Hi Guys!!

My love for Natural and Herbal Products will always be never ending! However, Himalaya being the Top Indian Herbal brand, has recently launched its new anti ageing Skincare range. These days everybody has been shifting towards chemical free and Herbal products!! However getting Herbal products at an affordable price is such a steal. A question that mostly every teenager keeps on asking these days is when do we actually start using anti ageing products. The best answer to this question is at 20+ because one thing that i have always believed in is ‘precaution is better then cure’ Ageing takes a tall on your skin if not taken care properly. Pollution and sun are major causes of ageing. Keep reading this post to know, as to how you can defy and slow it by using minimal products from their Youth Eternity Range:

Youth Eternity Range Preserves the beauty of youth by using anti ageing products in a natural formulation that re-plumps Reduces fine lines and wrinkles, and evens out the complexion in the purest form possible. Himalaya Youth Eternity range is infused with the replenishing stem cells and herbal active extracts. This new collection of skincare range includes 3 products Day Cream, Night Cream and Under Eye Cream.

My Take:

Starting from the day cream its a light textured, non greesy cream with a mild floral fragrance and its texture is very similar to calamine lotions. however its been a while since i have been using this day cream and is in a good position to be on judgment seat to talk about this product being absolutely light in texture it has definitely lived upto its a claim. Its very significant for the Day cream to be Non oily as it would look nice if you walk out with any oily face outside. The cream spreads nicely and absorbs quickly into the skin with a single light stroke.Talking about the results, it moisturises and nourishes the skin in a very balanced manner. After regular usage the skin has started appearing more plumped and well nourished and appears way healthier then before.

Followed by the day cream next comes the under eye cream which is a boon for people who have dark circles, dark under eye bags, puffy eyes, it does what it claims to do.
Last but not the least is the night cream which is used after thoroughly cleansing you face as a part of night care regime. Talking about the night cream in terms of Quality, the pump is very good. The dispenser pump is so easy to control so there is no wastage of product due to pumping out any excess product that might come out. All the three packages are very travel friendly.
The night cream is an off white colour light textured cream and absorbs fast into the skin and nourishes my skin by making it more supple and smoothing out the fine lines making it more supple.

These recently launched products can be easily bought online from Himalayas official website or any nearby Pharmacy

Rating 5/5

Hope you like this Review for my Youth Eternity Range!

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