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Tamanu Luxury Oil

A Detailed Review of my first hand experience of using these luxury oils from tamanu oil lab.

Hello Lovelies

I would first like to tell you about TΔMΔNU- This Oil Lab is based in San Diego. Their products are formulated with only the highest quality pure natural organic botanical and essential oils, they dont dilute our products with any inferior carrier oils, and so what you see on the front of the bottle is what you get. All products are conceived with two goals: Quality and Effectiveness. They are raising the bar solutions to heal skin concerns without the use of needles or cosmetic surgery. Isnt that amazing????

Since the time i have started using these luxury oils it seems i have entered a different zone all together all since all their products are free from harsh chemicals, artificial dyes, artificial fragrances, sulfates, zinc oxide and petrochemicals, coral-reef safe and
cruelty-free i have never stopped using them. The bottle is in a convenient drop package, where you can actually control the amount of product you want: I think its a great idea! Since its a compact little bottle i can literally carry it when i am travelling. The moment the bottle is opened and you place a drop on your palm you breathe in natural fragrance of the organic oil, it totally calms you: I personally love the natural fragrance it contains.



TΔMΔNU Clarify: This luxury oil contains highest quality certified organic Tamanu
oil, sourced sustainably from the small island of Malekula along with
zesty lemon oil and cleansing tea tree oil. With regular use of this oil my skin has become soft, supple and excessively smooth. My skin is prone to acne and have some scars from them. Since the time i have been using Tamanu Clarify, it has helped me fade out the scars to a large extent and made my skin resistent to acne. It’s hard to believe me but i have’nt got a single acne since the time i have started using it. During winters i often get cold soars but i have forgotten them now, due thanks to Tamanu clarify. My skin is completely hydrated and visibly clear now.


TΔMΔNU Radiant:TΔMΔNU Radiant contains highest quality certified organic Tamanu
oil, sourced sustainably from the small island of Malekula along with nourishing rosehip seed oil and relaxing ylang-ylang therapeutic grade essential oil. Right after its first use my skin felt far smoother, brighter and youthfull. The discolouration and fine lines were just gone. Specially with an environment full of pollution, Radiant protects my skin from all the harshness in the environment and brings back the suppleness of my skin. I find most oils are greesy but these oils are not at all greesy, their texture is so fine that you cant even feel if you wearing them. Mostly i use them at night after cleansing my skin but to minimise the damage of makeup i also use it as a primer so it gives complete protection to my skin. It pampers your skin like no one. I am absolutely in love with their range!! If you are looking for perfect skincare you should definitely give it a try!!

How did you like the Review for these products. I would love to hear from you.

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