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The Body Shop: Drops of Youth

The Body Shop delivers high-quality, organic beauty and cosmetic products. The entire product range is inspired by nature and is infused with the goodness of natural ingredients for enhanced effectiveness. They have complete skin, hair and body care products. The Body Shop also offers men’s beauty products, beauty gifts, beauty accessories, fragrances and makeup products. The Body shop was the First Global Beauty Brand to Fight against animal testing. Now together with Cruelty Free International, we are campaigning to end Animal testing globally. Making a stand for cruelty free cosmetics.

Drops of Youth: Liquid Peel

The Body Shop Claims:

It peels away the days city pollutants with Drops of Youth Liquid Peel, It instantly feels like dead skin cells are lifted. peels off impurities and pollutants. Sin feels cleansed from days pollution (tested on 109 women)

How to use:

2-3 times per week for best results. Dispense 2 pumps onto fingertips and massage onto face for up to 20 seconds until exfoliating residues or clumps appear noticeably and are peeled off. Rinse thoroughly with water. Liquid peels also work as an alternative to traditional exfoliators.

My take:

It clearly says on the bottle to use 2 pumps on dry cleansed skin and massage for 20 seconds till clumps form. Which is exactly how I did and then i saw the magic this definitely works an removing unwanted dead skin, I could physically see and feel the dead skin forming clumps and coming off but this is what the product is supposed to do. Please note its not exactlypeeling or rippingyour skin off , but simply exfoliating the skin by gently removing the dead skin cells and making smoother and softer.

I massaged this onto my skin for about 30 seconds and then I rinsed it off with luke warm water. I was left with a noticeably softer, clear and smoother skin. I am obsessed with this amazing liquid peel since the first use and will definitely repurchase the product.

My rating: 4.5/5

Price: INR 1995 for 145 ml

Youth Fresh Emulsion: (SPF 20 PA ++++ )

The Body Shop Claims:

It helps protects Skin from days Pollution. It helps Defend skin from Damaging UVA & UVB Rays. It helps to preserve Skin’s Youthful Appearance.

How to use:

By infusing thyme and buddleia extracts, and broad spectrum
of UVA and UVB lters, weve created a powerful but ultra-light daily emulsion to help protect against pollution and enhance skins youthful appearance. This protective formula hydrates your skin and can be used as your daily moisturiser or in addition to it, to be applied every morning.

My take:

This is a lightweight, gel formula that quickly absorbs into the skin transforming into a fresh lotion to gently fuse with your skin without leaving a sticky feel and feeling absolutely hydrated and smooth.

All in all, I am absolutely in love with the fact that this felt very light weight on my skin and not all sticky on my skin. So sometimes i also use it as a primer before applying the makeup. If you are looking for a very light weight non sticky moisturisers for the face, I would highly recommend you try this one out!!

My rating: 5/5

Price: INR 2295 for 50 ml

Available at : All Bodyshop stores near you

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