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The Pucker up- Feb Fag Bag!

A Detailed Review of my Fab bag( You can buy this at

Hello guys!

I have always fascinated beauty products in a bag( If you have been regular on my blog-you know it right? ) Fab bagbeing one of my favourite brands to have curated premium beauty products for girls at reasonable prices in a beautiful customised bag like the picture above ( i would reuse this bag to keep my favourite makeup products ). I absolutely love how well thought everything in my bag is. Theme of the february Fab bag is the pucker up. This bag is everything that you need for this spring season. Right from skincare to makeup products, they have it all. Yes you heard me right, Would u resist trying them?

Here I ll tell you why:

Fab bag(February Edition) Consists:

Sugar Smudge me not liquid Lipstick ( Plum yum) :

I love sugar Cosmetics as the quality of their products is unbeatable. Matte liquid lipsticks are in trend since recently. In India we have various matte lipsticks from different brands but they all are quite pricey and most of them are priced around 1000 INR. These Smudge Me Not Liquid Lipstick are priced at INR 499 which is almost half the price of Liquid Lipsticks from competitive brands and covered all shade category like browns, pinks, red and plum etc.Sugar Cosmetics Smudge Me Not Liquid Lipsticksclaims to give full-blooded burst of pigment with just a single swipe which lasts for the whole day without any fading and smudging. ( Below is a swatch of Plum Yum Liquid Lipstick )

Just Herbs Lively-clean Honey exfoliating face cleansing Gel: Since i am sucker for natural products: Justherbs is one such brand that provides all that you need without any chemicals or parabens involved. What better then that? I usually use it once or twice a week. It helps to keep my skin absolutely rejuvenated and fresh looking right after a single use.

Matra Holistic Lip Care Kiwi: This lip balm is very hydrating on the lips while the formula of the lipbalm is quite unique because it glides smoothly on the lips and helps to keep the lips soft and hydrated for good 5-6 hours

Batiste Dry Shampoo Floral and flirty Blush Seduction: I have been eyeing on this product since so long. I wanted to get one for myself since i heard so many good reviews about it. You wish something and fab bag grants your wish. This dry shampoo (Spending 2 minutes) is my absolute life saver on days when i dont want the hassle of going to a shower and shampoo my hair all the way (Spending 40 minutes) . Cherry Fragrance being an icing on the cake being another benefit of this wonderful dry shampoo.

Its Priced at INR 599

Let me know how did you like the Review for this Fab Bag. I would love to hear from you.

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love xoxo

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