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Ultimate Bucket list to South Korea!

If you would have gone through my previous blog regarding South Korea, you would surely love this one too, as its a continuation of the same blog. Here is an ultimate Bucket list for you guys to cover South Korea with the most amazing experience, because you know there are things that South Korea does much bigger and better then other Countries !! Grab a popcorn and just keep reading it.Day 2 continued with a lovely note and we headed to SEOUL SKY TOWER at Lotte World. Yes the Super tall skyscraper, i was really excited for this one. It is a 123-floor Skyscraper 1,819feet tall . Its also known as the 3rd Tallest building in the world. You can see the entire scenery of Seoul city with a glass bottom floor. The skyscraper of Seoul Sky is the highest glass floor observatory in the South Korea.The glass Observatory has almost 3 Guinness World Records including Worlds Highest Glass-floor Observation Deck that is 478m high.

This picture below shows exactly how the view looked from the Top.

Yess!!you can the seeentire scenery of Seoul city with the glass walls.

Is’nt the view absolutely spectacular from the Glass floor !! I couldnt take my eyes off.

Heading to Day 3, it started of with on my favourite being the K beauty Experience: yes a Complete skincare session for 1 hour. What better could have i, asked for?

You see the post glow on everybody’s faces. I feel everybody’s happy faces are self explanatory as to how Beautiful the Experience was (From right to left Abinaya, Amy, Ankita, Mings, Nikita, The Doctor, and Aufrin ) after a lovely pamper skincare session that we absolutely loved it, our skin felt so soft n smooth post session, it seemed as it so much required cause of chilly n cold weather in Seoul. Below is a picture that i took post the session, my face just felt so glowy and nourished. All thanks to the staff there.

Our next stop was the Trick eye Museum. This being my another favourite spot to have hunted in South Korea.

So Trick eye museum is Beyond amazing because it clearly tricks the eye: For optimised experience we need to download an app called Trick eye available on Android and Ios. By Making sure there is sufficient distance between you and the artwork when using Trick Eye application, Watch amazing augmented reality effects and make mind blowing pictures! You can capture both photos and videos! we could Capture our favourite Trick Eye moments! With the use of augmented reality technology Trick Eye artworks, because they have become more realistic than ever.

Then we went to Love museum, its one of its kind Museum that has everything related to Love ( haha literally everything) I wish i couldshould you all pictures here! But its better if you see the complete museum on google because i am not sure if all my readers are 18+ so i would like to keep it a bit filtered. Though i had shown some of its glimpse on my Insta Stories when i was in South Korea.

Below is a picture of the Ice Museum which was located along with the Tricky eye Museum and Love museum! Since i was feeling extremely cold i could only manage to click a single picture there!

So heading to 4 right after our Breakfast at the Hotel it starts from Nami Island. so we took a Zip lining from Seoul Until Nami Island (Even though it was super cold but the excitement for Nami Island helped us manage the Cold weather) So this Island was completely covered with Snow and Ice all around. Find all the Pictures below:

Heading on to our Buffet dinner at the Seoul Tower was yet another amazing experience we could see the entire city of Seoul from the Seoul Tower top Floor!!

At times we use to have Korean Barbeque for our dinner as that was our favourite Dinner in South Korea! Below is a picture of our Happy girl Squad while having dinner! Guys dont hate me for putting this picture because even i have food in my mouth. From right to left its Minx (The biggest n most crazy K pop fan you would have seen ) the its me (Amy), Aufrin ( she’s the brain behind the beautiful experience at South Korea and she’s the one who planned the entire Itinerary for us ) coming on the right side is Abinaya she’s the one behind the Lens for all my pretty pictures (Thank you so much for it), then comes Nikita, another lovely girl absolutely loved her company, she was one of the most knowledgable girl on the trip ( You remember our Flight gossip sessions) and then comes Ankita: The vegetarian girl ( Dont kill me for this Ankita). Honestly my Journey became so much better by having these pretty girls around. After all having a Lovely squad has its perks 😉

For our last day we went to a very unique K-style cooking Experience where we learnt how to make rice cakes. See how Nikita and I made those Rice cakes together. Loved Every bit of this experience.

Our Last stops Included the Beautiful Fairytale village. As the name suggests the Fairytale Village was full of Beautiful Art all around.

Our Last stop had a K live Hologram Concert. Some of its pictures are below.

K live Hologram concert was another lovely experience that we had, Unfortunately we were not allowed phones inside the Concert so i dont have pictures from within the concert. But i absolutely loved the concept of Hologram concerts where a Hologram of the K pop is Dancing and Singing while the Audience is enjoying and cheering their visual appearance.

South Korea, Seoul itself has all sorts of things, ranging from sightseeing, clubbing to culture. Adjacent cities also offer differing experiences. Seoul all in all is a very safe city. You can walk down the streets in daytime or night and never see any trouble or dubious characters around. Lots of things to see and do. I had never felt threatened at any hour of the day or night even for a single moment. Also public transport is so well connected to market areas, Malls, sightseeing areas that there is hardly any chance that you could get lost. Hence it makes it absolutely safe for solo Women travels like me to Visit Seoul and have a fabulous experience rating South Korea 4.5/5 for Solo Traveling for Woman/Man.

Wait for my next Blog!! 🙂

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